How to Find Your First Internship


During college, I worked two different internship which ended up leading me to a full-time offer before my senior year began. Want to be in the same place your senior year? Below are some of the various things I did to successfully navigate the internship search.

Internship 101:

Securing internships during your college years is a pivotal step toward building a successful career foundation. One of the key resources in this journey is attending career fairs, which not only provides an excellent platform to expand your professional network but also serves as a prime opportunity to secure internship offers. Employers actively participate in career fairs with the specific goal of identifying and filling roles tailored for college students.

To maximize your chances of landing the ideal internship, consider attending multiple career fairs. Engage with various organizations and cast a wide net in the initial stages of your search. This approach allows you to explore diverse options and gain exposure to various industries. By attending multiple fairs, you increase your chances of finding the perfect internship opportunity that aligns with your career goals and aspirations.

During these career fairs, it’s crucial to actively connect with professionals representing different organizations. Networking plays a vital role in the job market, and career fairs offer a unique chance to interact with industry experts. Don’t hesitate to approach employers, ask questions, and express your interest in their organizations. Additionally, make sure to collect contact information and connect with these professionals on LinkedIn for potential follow-ups and ongoing networking opportunities.

Another indispensable tool in your arsenal for finding internships is leveraging your school’s access to platforms like Handshake. This platform, similar to other job search platforms such as Indeed, is often directly linked to your educational institution. Handshake simplifies the process of tracking company events, whether virtual or in-person, and offers a sophisticated filtering system to identify internship openings that align seamlessly with your preferences.

Utilizing Handshake allows you to stay informed about various companies’ activities, including events and opportunities. Take advantage of its filtering system to narrow down your search based on your preferences, ensuring you focus on internships that best match your skills, interests, and career objectives. This targeted approach can significantly enhance your internship-seeking experience.

Additionally, finding a mentor within your chosen industry is a crucial aspect of the internship search process. Many educational institutions offer mentoring programs that pair students with alumni working in their desired fields. Mentors provide valuable insights, guidance, and support, helping you identify the necessary skills for securing an internship.

It’s important to approach mentorship with a realistic mindset, understanding that immediate job placement shouldn’t be expected after the first meeting. Nurture the mentorship gradually, building a strong and mutually beneficial relationship that opens up additional connections and a broader spectrum of opportunities.


In conclusion, combining strategies such as attending career fairs, leveraging Handshake, and seeking mentorship significantly enhances your chances of securing internships during college. These proactive steps not only increase your visibility in the job market but also contribute to your overall professional development.

Remember to be persistent, proactive, and open-minded as you navigate the exciting journey of finding internships that align with your career aspirations. Embrace each opportunity, learn from every experience, and let your internship journey become a cornerstone in the foundation of your successful career.